Your guide to 2014 Health Plan Subsidies!


  Atlanta – The following is a statement from Georgia Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens in regards to his request to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for a 30 day extension on the July 31 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act rate filing deadline: “Yesterday, after not receiving a response to my request for a 30 day delay from the Secretary of Health and Human Services, I was left with no viable option but to accept the filings for the federally facilitated Georgia exchange. Although not surprised, I am disappointed in the unresponsiveness of the Obama administration. Due to the massive rate hikes shown by the companies’ filings for policies to be offered in the federally facilitated exchange for Georgia, we engaged independent actuaries to subject those rates to additional review. These actuarial studies show that the prices were not excessive and that Obamacare will inflict substantially higher health insurance costs on Georgia consumers. President Obama has repeatedly assured Americans that his healthcare law would not increase cost on the American people, however, those assurances are not holding true in Georgia. I urge Congress and the White House to repeal, or at a minimum, delay implementation for a year so that Georgians could be spared from the certain consequences of this federal law

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